Beyond Green is recognised locally, as the industry leader for golf carts (fleet or private), transportation and hospitality vehicles, commercial utility vehicles, multi-passenger shuttle vehicles, plus rough-terrain and off-road utility vehicles.B


Superior Warranty and Services

At Beyond Green, you can be assured of out team with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our warranty is not just an agreement, but also a promise for the best service that you will have throughout your usage.

Genuine Parts

Beyond Green is the authorized dealer of Club Car in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. You can count on the superior quality of our genuine parts that are available to serve you at all time.

More Purchasing Options

Beyond Green also offers lease and concession systems that are designed to facilitate your businesses and you can earn more for less, while still receiving the best service from our team. We have more than 2,000 vehicles in our fleet.

Rental Fleet

We stock a large range of quality pre-owned Club Car golf cars and commercial vehicles for Hire or Sale.

Beyond Green is the largest provider of concession and rental fleet in Thailand with over 1,500 carts servicing more than 30 golf courses and hundreds of customers in all industries.

Our Club Car Hire Fleets in excellent condition, are available to hire immediately and suitable for any event or occasion. Our durable and reliable hire vehicles will be the right solution for any worksite,golf course, corporates and special event.

Beyond Green offers a large range of hire vehicles in varying models to suit all needs at reasonable hire rates.

We have Daily, Short Term & Long Term Hire available on 2 seat cars, 4 & 6 Seat Carts and 11 & 14 transporters.This is

After Sale Service

Beyond Green is the master distributor for Club Car Thailand. The essence of the companys sales success for quality and reliable Club Car golf cars and special purpose utility vehicles is a complete commitment to providing premium after sales support and servicing.

Major sales and service centers are located in Bangkok, Phuket, Samui and Chiangmai. All our centers provide vehicle maintenance technology managed by an expert team of technicians.ThThis

Genuine Parts

For quality Club Car parts and accessories, please visit the Club Car Thailand showroom, If we do not have your desired part in stock, this can be ordered in a timely manner. We only stock guaranteed quality Club Car parts and Accessories fitted by trained service staff, and covered by warranty.

Its important to remember every Club Car vehicle is the sum of its quality parts. Keeping a Club Car, through and through, year after year, is a wise investment. The best way to maintain your vehicle and maximize its value is through Genuine Club Car Parts, Accessories & Service.Th







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